Made in Germany – In Action Worldwide

You don’t invest in a new flange-facer or valve test bench every day. The decisions for that must be given careful consideration. Of course, you can see the quality and reliability of our products for yourself at our headquarters in Düren.

But what if Düren or even Germany is too far away for you to just drop by?

TDF-2 being transported in Seoul

That is where our global network of representatives comes in. Be it Jakarta, Zagreb or Soul. Our sales representatives will open up their showrooms or visit your company directly. Our partner PIC Engineering and Services in Selangor (Malaysia) for example demonstrates the EFCO machining and mobile testing equipment to interested parties on site regularly. Nuova Simat from Collesalvetti (Italy) use our equipment themselves with outstanding success. The Jergo team (Höganäs, Sweden) also uses our machines to help customers when quick and uncomplicated aid is needed.

Just take a look at our contact page to find the EFCO partner in charge of your location or contact us directly. We will get you in touch with the right people, consult you individually and help you start using EFCO equipment as quickly and smoothly as possible.

EFCO in Moscow, Charlotte and Beijing

These are just a few examples. The EFCO family itself is distributed all over the globe. Our Joint Venture partner in Hyderabad (India) provides its services to – amongst others – the Reliance Refinery in India. We have got offices in Beijing (China), Moscow (Russia) and an affiliate in Charlotte (USA). The EFCO USA team is constantly on the road all over the US with their demo truck.


And after procuring the equipment? No worries. We will be here for you to help you in any aspect of the product and its application. As far as we are concerned, service is not and extra, it just goes without saying.