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A profile of our company

The company EFCO Maschinenbau GmbH was established in Düren/Germany in 1978 by the graduate engineer Mr. Ranko Effenberger. Even at that time he already had decades of experience, and can be called a pioneer in this field.

Since its establishment in 1978, EFCO has become a leading developer and manufacturer of repair and testing equipment, both in terms of market share and technological progress.
The products are sold in more than 80 countries through our own sales organization as well as through competent distribution partners.

The construction of machines and devices for the machining, repair and testing of valves, flanges and pipes of all kinds are EFCO’s core competence.

All our products are developed by us, and tested during extensive action. The product development is influenced by the experience that many of our customers have made during their various assignments.

One of our highest priorities is to secure the production and development at this location in the long term. Only a few manufacturers rightfully bear the "Made in Germany" quality mark which is accepted worldwide.

EFCO has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1996.

Our company motto is customer-orientation. The intensive dialogue with our customers enables us to provide the optimum benefit to our partners worldwide, often by finding solutions jointly. To support our global sales activity, we have subsidiaries, representatives, sales offices and agents as well as joint ventures in many countries on several continents. This market presence enables us to quickly react to customer requests in detail and to integrate these requests into our continuous development programme.

A competent and experienced management team secures the development and other facilities of this successful family company, now in its second generation. EFCO has specialised from the start in the design of precision machinery and equipment for the repair and machining of sealing faces in and on valves, flanges and pipelines etc. and is characterised by innovative own developments. By consistently passing information to our customers, the replacement mentality was changed into a preventative repair culture which in turn results in great economic savings for our customers.

The EFCO standard range comprises, for example:

  • Portable grinding and lapping machines for sealing faces in and on valves.
  • Portable turning technology.
  • Stationary grinding and turning technology.
  • Surface lapping machines.
  • Portable equipment for on-site testing of the set pressure of safety valves.
  • Valve test benches, mobile and stationary.
  • Spare parts and consumables for repair, maintenance and testing of valves.
  • Project planning etc….

In addition to this comprehensive standard range, EFCO also offers design and construction of special machines and equipment for individual problem solutions as required by our customers.

EFCO acts globally. The main markets are the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, CIS, Middle East, China and Far East.

The main customer groups are obviously large users of valves from the following industries:

Process plant and equipment manufacturersdas Bild teigt mehrere Szenen von Märkten
  • Petrochemicals / refineries
  • Conventional power stations
  • Valve manufacturers
  • Chemical Industry
  • Valve dealers and valve service agents
  • Mining
  • Fertilisers
  • Gas manufacturers
  • Rubber manufacturers
  • District heating suppliers and combined heating and power stations
  • Nuclear power stations
  • Boiler manufacturers
  • Food industry and sugar factories
  • Refuse incinerators
  • Paper industry / cellulose
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Pipelines
  • Shipping companies and shipyards
  • Steel fabricators and steelworks
  • Hydroelectric power stations and waterworks

Our products are the solution for the great challenges of our times:

  • Protection of natural resources
  • Reduction of environmental pollution

EFCO’s products help with using plant more efficiently, keeping downtimes low, increasing maintenance quality and productivity, employing human labour more responsibly, making work more pleasant.

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