To supplement our machines and their applications, we can supply various useful accessories.

MK adapters / ENT inclined tables

Inclined table ENT-1 and Morse Cone adapter MK-3 

Adapter and inclined tables make it possible to use EFCO grinding and lapping tools, for example on pillar drilling machines, to machine sealing faces and flanges on and in valves.

Work range: DN 8-2000 mm

Valve Cleaning Set (ARS)

Valve cleaning set ARS  

Developed for the removal of rust, scale, slag, seal ressidue and dirt on valves and housings using high-speed rotating twisted brushes.

Power supply: electric 230V/120V, 50/60Hz or pneumatic 6-7 bar 

External thread cleaning machine (ARS-80S)

ARS-80S Außengewindereinigungsmaschine

The ARS-80S is a stationary machine for cleaning threaded bolts.
  • Thread diameter: Ø 10 mm to Ø 80 mm
  • Working length: approx. 500 mm
  • Brushes for processing steel and stainless steel
  • Connecting facility for particle extractor

Telescope mirror inspection set (TSM-1)

Telescope mirror inspection set TSM-1 in carrying case

Mirror set with magnetic lifter and integral light source to inspect points wich are dark and difficult to access.


Inclinometer in carrying case

Inclinometer for sealing faces in valve housings.

Grinding and Lapping