Portable valve grinding machines (SL / SLA / HSL)

Gate valve grinding machine SL-05 mounted on valve via clamping chain Planet wheel with driven grinding spindles AS-3 Gate valve grinding machine SL-2 mounted on valve

Portable machines for grinding and lapping of sealing faces in gate valves and non-return valves, gates and flanges.

Optionally, these machines can be fitted with a digital rocker for contact pressure. This patented unit guarantees reproducibility and absolutely flat sealing faces. In addition, our valve grinding machines can be fitted with a swing-check adapter to enable machining of sealing faces on non-return valves with a large inclination. Hard seats can be machined with our portable high-speed valve grinding machine with driven spindles. This makes extremely fast and effective machining possible. This option can be retrofitted (SLA) on existing machines or can be supplied as a complete system.

Fast setup and removal of the machines is guaranteed by means of a specially developed clamping block.

Type Working range

DN 20DN 2,000

electric (230/120 V, 50/60 Hz)
or pneumatic (67 bar)
SLA-Series DN 125DN 600
HSL-Series DN 175DN 600
electric (230/120 V, 50/60 Hz)
or pneumatic (67 bar)

SL-Series (PDF) | SLA-Series (PDF) | HSL-Series (PDF)

Grinding and Lapping