Accessories and Options


EFCO Booster

The air required for air-/nitrogen tests can optionally be provided via the EFCO-Booster. It compresses air or nitrogen up to 300 bar (4,350 psi). Higher pressures available on request.


EFCO VALVE-DOC an Armaturenprüfstand

The EFCO-VALVE-DOC is a system for documenting and managing valve tests:

  • Mobile system to record, evaluate and document valve tests
  • Compatible with will all valve test benches on the market
  • User friendly
  • Available in many languages

    The EFCO-VALVE-DOC is ready for use. The software is preinstalled and configured. It only needs to be plugged in, and the pressure sensors must be connected to the test bench.

    The system can be used for displaying and recording:

    • Set pressure and seat leakage tests of safety valves and/or
    • Housing and seat leakage tests of shut-off valves

    O-Ring Sealing Plates

    O-Ring-Dichtplatten für Armaturenprüfstände

    Special O-ring sealing plates made of aluminum (hardcoated) for sealing flange fittings

    Polyurethane Sealing Plates (Vulkollan)

    Special sealing plates made of polyurethane for sealing flange fittings

    Safety Closure Plugs for Safety Valves


    Suitable for seat leakage tests of safety valves with air / nitrogen. The plugs are plugged into the outlet of the safety valve and are connected to the bubble counter via a quick coupling.

    Threaded Adapter (for Testing Specimens with Threaded Ends)

    Steel adapter flanges with inside/outside-thread (G or NPT) for sealing threaded fittings

    Piping and Screw Connection for The Test System in Stainless Steel

    incl. stainless steel screw connection for use with high pressure hoses in external tests

    Digital Bubble Counter

    Digitales Blasenzählgerät

    Used for the automatic counting of bubbles at the seat leak test with air/nitrogen

    Digital Pressure Gauge for Tests with Air/Nitrogen/Water

    Digitales Manometer

    Digital manometer, in particular suitable for displaying measurement values in set pressure tests of safety valves

    Protective Wall


    Protective wall between clamping fixture and control panel comprising of aluminum profiles, with clear, 6 mm polycarbonate pane

    Adapter flanges for the internal sealing of shut-off valves, in particular ball valves

    Adapterflansche zum Innen-Abdichten von Absperrarmaturen

    The adapter flanges are suitable for the internal sealing of shut-off valves.

    Due to this type of sealing, no tensile forces act on the test specimen. Therefore, this type of seal is best suited to receive and inspect ball valves in the clamping unit. Fittings must be machined on the inside to ensure that the radial seals of the adapters shut the fitting completely.

    Quick-Closures for Flanges


    Quick-flange closures are tool-less devices used to seal up flanged valves and pipes without the requirements of using multi-fitting, nuts, blind flanges or seals.
    Its main components are made of aluminum and allow an easy handling due to low dead weight. An integrated O-ring seals up against the surface. The construction absorbs the max. pressure loads as indicated. Due to a self-locking spindle the connection between the test specimen and flange closure are kept duly tight.

    Manual Flange Cap

    Manueller Flanschverschluss

    The flange seal is used for closing fittings with flange ends in various nominal sizes, suitable for test benches without an upper test table

    Drive Control


    Separate control box for controlling the drives of shut-off and control valves (pneumatic / electro-pneumatic)

    Flow Meter


    Flow meter for detecting seat leakages with air or water